How much lead nitrate do I need for each application?

Staff Dynakrom
Staff Dynakrom
How much lead nitrate do I need for each application?

Lead nitrate concentration that should be used to achieve the required effect varies greatly, depending largely on the stage where it is added (Leaching or Merrill Crowe).

Learn the optimal ratios to be used in each mining process.

Lead nitrate percentages at Merrill Crowe

Zn powder and lead nitrate are used for the precious metal precipitation. 

  • Lead nitrate quantities used are related to the amount of Zn powder. 
  • The most effective lead nitrate addition has been reported to range from 1:5 to 1:10 (Pb:Zn).

Lead nitrate leaching rates

During Au and Ag ore leaching lead nitrate is recommended. Dosage is highly related to ore type being processed. 

  • If ore contains sulfides, lead nitrate has a more noticeable effect on precious metal leaching. 
  • References are available for dosages from 50-500 ppm. 
  • In order to confirm lead nitrate quantity to be used, laboratory pilot tests are recommended, since each matrix (mineral) will have its own particular behavior.

Using appropriate percentages is key in these applications. For any further questions please contact us for reviewing your process or request.

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