Thermoplastic paint

We manufacture an easy-to-apply paint that offers a higher yield per linear meter, giving you the best cost-benefit ratio.
We accept rush orders

Our thermoplastic paint is the ideal ally for all your road marking projects

High-quality that lowers costs and earns more in every project
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- Excellent cost-benefit ratio
- Compliant with AASHTO M-249 and the Mexican Department of Communications and Transportation (SCT) Standard N-CMT-5-001-13 
- Ideal viscosity for higher linear meter yield
- Excellent pavement adherence and retro-reflectivity throughout the life cycle of the pavement
- Short drying time
- Fast delivery times and technical installation support 
- Melts at a lower temperature, thus reducing the amount of gas used and making you more efficient

We offer excellent delivery times and technical support for installation

What are the possible issues while installing thermoplastic paint?

Excess use of material per linear meter

Too long
application times

Highly viscous or too liquid paint that makes proper application difficult

Improper application due to a lack of knowledge of best practices and standards

We understand, and are here to help

Why us?

We have over 80 years of experience in the paint and coats industry.

The best cost-benefit ratio.

Our paint is easy to apply, and offers excellent quality and yield per linear meter.

Professional technical assistance close to you.

We offer the support you need to get the best yield for our products and maximize your profits.

We accept rush orders.

We manufacture our products in our plant in Monterrey, and we have storehouses in the country’s main cities, which enables us to offer fast delivery times all over Mexico.

We ship products to the whole continent.

We are exporters and we are widely experienced in international logistics.

Deliver impeccable results that will become your calling card.

We comply with the applicable official standards required for works of any size and type.

We present to you our DYNAKROM® THERMO-KEM® Thermoplastic Paint

THERMO-KEM® Thermoplastic Paint for road marking by DYNAKROM® AASHTO M249 and URBAN. 100% solid materials made of high-quality resins and pigments, specially formulated for quick and safe fusion.
- Its adherence, durability, and retro-reflectivity are higher than with other solvent
- and water-based road surface paints.
- Once melted, it provides a level and defined layer with the desired thickness.
- Our formula includes Type 1 AASHTO quality microspheres that offer great retro-reflectivity for road markings, this increasing night-time visibility.
- Higher abrasion-resistance and adherence for higher durability.
- Due to its fast drying times, it minimizes interruptions and road closured, helping traffic.
Pintura termoplástica blanca

White Thermoplastic Paint

- Horizontal road markings for highways, freeways, and long stretches
- Parking lot markings
- Safety markings (supermarkets, malls, etc.)
Saco Amarillo

Yellow Thermoplastic Paint

- Horizontal road markings for highways and freeways
- Lane markings for highways
- Side and central line markings- Parking lot markings (supermarkets, malls, etc.)
- Roundabout markings
– Safety markings (pedestrian crossings, etc.)
Pintura termoplástica verde

Green Thermoplastic Paint

- Mainly for bicycle lane marking
- Identification of special parking spaces
- Emergency gathering spots markings
Pintura termoplástica azul

Blue Thermoplastic Paint

- Crossings and ramp access for differently-abled people
- Bus routes markings
Pintura termoplástica rojo

Red Thermoplastic Paint

- Highway emergency ramps for trucks or vehicles without brakes
- Firetrucks exclusive lane markings
- Shuttle and other Public Transportation exclusive lane markings
- Markings exclusive of the Power Company
Pintura termoplástica verde

Black Thermoplastic Paint

- Long-stretch highways and freeways
- Mainly for contrast of white and yellow paint (concrete)

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Where do you deliver your products?
We deliver in Mexico and any country in the Americas. Contact us to check delivery times.
Do you accept rush orders?
Yes, just contact a sales consultant to review your case.
Are manufacturers or distributors of thermoplastic paint?
Yes, we are manufacturers, our plant is in Monterrey and we have storehouses in Mexico’s biggest cities, to service the whole country.

We also offer



Used for increased visibility when luminosity conditions are not enough.
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This Thermoplastic Primer promotes better adherence, mainly on hydraulic concrete, and it also works well on damaged asphalt. When used with black pigment, this Thermoplastic Primer offers better contrast against white paint applied on top.
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