Merrill Crowe

We provide lead nitrate for Merrill Crowe in mining applications.

Benefits of lead nitrate in the Merrill Crowe process within the mining industry:

Lead nitrate

We can quickly and timely supply lead nitrate to the US, Canada, Central America, Europe, etc.

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Lead nitrate available products

merrill crowe process

1 ton superbags

merrill crowe

25 kg bags


  • Formula: Pb(NO3)2
  • Physical description: White crystals
  • CAS No.: 10099-74-8
  • Packaging: Superbag
  • Qty. per package: 1,000 kg


  • Purity: 99% min.
  • Insoluble Materials: 0.20 % max
  • Humidity: 1.0% max.
  • Copper: 20 ppm max
  • Iron: 20 ppm max.

Merrill Crowe process features and benefits



  • The Merrill Crowe process involves gold and silver precipitation/cementation from a cyanide solution.
  • The reaction takes place with Zinc powder assisted by lead nitrate.
  • Then, the precipitated material is filtered and melted to obtain the doré bar.


  • This is the most widely employed mining technology to separate precious metals.
  • Simple, efficient operation.
  • Allows for higher Au and Ag concentrations to be recovered in cyanide solutions versus other methods.

Merrill Crowe Process

Cyanide solution purification
Solution deoxygenation
Adding Zn powder and Lead Nitrate
Recovering precipitate obtained by filtration
Casting to get a doré bar
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most commonly used gold recovery methods as contained in the loaded cyanide solution?
The most popular methods are zinc precipitation (Merrill Crowe) and carbon adsorption.
What are the byproducts from this process?
There are 3 products, gold ore bullion, a "sterile" ( gold-free) cyanide solution and waste materials.
What is the appropriate waste material management resulting from this process?
Since impurities and heavy metals are present, proper handling of these components is essential. Ideally, these should be placed in a dedicated area with the necessary safety precautions.
What countries do you ship to?
We are based in Mexico and ship worldwide. We have clients in the US, Canada, Central and South America.

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