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Lead Nitrate

White crystalline water-soluble solid. Lead nitrate is an oxidizer with high stability and strength, with different applications in the mining industry.
Technical sheet

Applications and benefits of Lead Nitrate

Lead Nitrate is used as oxidation promoter in sulfide minerals, avoiding ore passivation.

Mineral leaching

  • Reduces cyanide use.
  • Combats the cyanicide effect of minerals such as sulfides.
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Merril Crowe

  • Improves precipitate speed in precious metals.
  • Prevents zinc passivation.
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  • Upon heating, it breaks down into lead oxide (II), creating a noise or crackle better known as crepitation, a property used in pyrotechnics.

Available products

Dynakrom offers lead nitrate crystals as follows:
lead nitrate

1 ton superbags

lead nitrate

25 kg bags


  • Formula: Pb(NO3)2
  • Physical description: White crystals
  • CAS No.: 10099-74-8
  • Packaging: Superbag
  • Qty. per package: 1,000 kg


  • Purity: 99% min.
  • Insoluble Materials: 0.20 % max
  • Humidity: 1.0% max.
  • Copper: 20 ppm max
  • Iron: 20 ppm max.

Personal protective equipment is required when handling

Staff must be equipped with PPE as follows:

  • Dust mask: For breathing protection as inhalation is harmful.
  • Latex gloves: To avoid exposure to the powder, which is soluble in water and can be dissolved by hand perspiration.
  • Safety goggles: Prevent eye exposure as lead nitrate can cause irritation.
  • Occupational attire: Wear industrial shoes and appropriate safety clothing when working in such environments.

Safety precautions when working with lead nitrate

The following precautions should be taken during handling:

  • Do not handle before reading and understanding all safety precautions.
  • Always wear the appropriate protective equipment.
  • Pregnant women must not be exposed to this product.
  • Avoid all direct exposure to the product and do not breathe dust / fumes / gases / mists / vapors / aerosols.
  • Rinse eyes thoroughly with water for several minutes after eye contact. Remove contact lenses when present and easily done. Continue washing.
  • If exposure is suspected or known, call a poison control center or a doctor immediately.
  • Lock the product away, always observing storage conditions.
  • Discard contents and/or container as per hazardous waste or packaging and packaging waste regulations, respectively.

Lead Nitrate Distributors

In Mexico

  • You can find our products through our distributor in Mexico
    De Los Asteroides 23, Parque Industrial. Hermosillo, Sonora.
    + 52 662 251 0900

International Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a manufacturer or a retailer?
We manufacture lead nitrate. We possess sufficient manufacturing capacity to meet any requirements.
What countries do you ship to?
We are based in Mexico and ship worldwide. We have clients in the US, Canada, Central and South America.
How much lead nitrate do I need for each application?
There are no fixed percentages. Dosage depends on mineralogy and the amount of precious metals found.
What percentage of lead nitrate optimizes mineral recovery efficiency?
Incremental precious metal recovery percentages have been reported between 1% and up to 10% averaging 4.2%. This is related to the system or mineral being worked.
Does lead nitrate purity affect performance duringprocessing?
Yes, the higher the lead salt purity, the lower the amount of lead salt you need to dose to achieve the same result.

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