Privacy Policy

You are the most important person to DYNAKROM S.A.P.I. de C.V. (hereinafter “DYNAKROM”) and, consistently with our values, the protection of your privacy and your trust are our priority. To make sure, we protect your information through ongoing reviews of our internal processes, both physical and electronic.

Therefore, we want to share with you our Privacy Notice (“Privacy Policy”), in compliance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Data Held By Private Companies or Individual (Ley Federal de Protección de Personal information en Posesión de los Particulares) (the Law).

As holder of this information, you can access this Privacy Notice at all times, at: www.dynakrom.com.

It is understood that you, as the holder, implicitly consent to your personal information to be used in compliance with this Privacy Notice, when you do not express opposition when this notice has been made available to you.


In compliance with the Law, we present to you the terms and conditions of the DYNAKROM Privacy Notice, located at: Avenida Industrias 930 pte., Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, with the following telephone number +52 (81) 2350 9696, and email: avisoprivacidad@dynakrom.com.


DYNAKROM will gather the necessary personal information, mainly for the appropriate delivery of our services, and to perform any other action DYNAKROM executes under the law and its bylaws. Such personal information may and could have been obtained from you, personally or by other means, electronic, optical, audible, visual, or through any other technology.

We can also obtain other personal information you hold through third parties and other sources as allowed by the law, such as information societies.

Gathered personal information may include, among other, the following:

• Identification and contact information: full name, address, home telephone number, mobile and/or work telephone number, marital status, signature, electronic signature, email, username and password, IP address, R.F.C. (taxpayer identification number), C.U.R.P. (population registration code), place and date of birth, age, name of family members, dependents and beneficiaries, and their address information, among others.
• Work information: occupation, title, area or department, address, work telephone number and email, work references, personal references, and commercial references, among others.
• Financial or property data: movable and immovable assets, credit history, income and expenses, bank accounts, insurance, afores (retirement funds management), letter of guarantee, contracted services, among others.


DYNAKROM will use the personal information, if applicable, as follows:

• The execution of any and all operations related to our services, and the execution of any other actions DYNAKROM performs in compliance with the lay and its bylaws.
• Performing surveys, creating and implementing the necessary analytical and statistical processes that are necessary or appropriate, as related to such operations, services, and actions.
• Answering any summons from the corresponding authorities.
• Execution of any complementary or ancillary activities that are necessary to accomplish the above mentioned ends.
• Performing any consultation, investigation, or review related to any complaints or claims.
• Contacting you for any issue related to services rendered, your personal information, or this Privacy Notice.

The use of personal information will be limited to:

• Compliance with the ends foreseen in this Privacy Notice.
• Other ends which are compatible or similar those indicated in this notice of privacy, without again getting consent, if applicable, from the holder.
• Likewise, use of personal information will be as needed, appropriate, and relevant regarding the purpose herewith, and for any other compatible or similar purpose.

DYNAKROM commits to make sure all Personal Information and/or Sensitive Personal Information provided by you, or obtained by DYNAKROM, will be treated under the strictest security measures to ensure confidentiality and proper use for the purposes described in this Notice of Privacy.


To comply with the purposes of this notice of privacy, and other purposes that may be compatible or similar, DYNAKROM may require to transfer personal information inside and outside Mexico. DYNAKROM commits to ensure compliance with all legal protection principles regarding the transfer of your personal information and expresses our commitment to ensure compliance with this Privacy Notice, from us, and our business partners.

By virtue of this Privacy Notice, the holder agrees to the transfer of their information, in the understanding that:

• DYNAKROM may transfer said personal information to third parties, national or foreign, other than the custodian, who will receive this Privacy Notice from DYNAKROM, along with the purposes to which the holder agreed.
• The receiving third party will assume all such obligations as applicable to DYNAKROM, who transferred the data, therefore, use of data will comply with the provisions in this Privacy Notice.

National or international data transfers can be done without consent from the holders, among others, as long as the transfer:

• Is done to subsidiaries or affiliates under control of DYNAKROM, or a parent company or any other DYNAKROM company operating under the same processes and internal policies.
• Is necessary by virtue of a contract celebrated, or to be celebrated, in the interest of the personal information holder, between DYNAKROM and a third party.
• Is accurate for maintaining or complying with a legal relationship between DYNAKROM and the data holder.

Aside from the assumptions above, DYNAKROM may transfer personal information, including, without limitation, to:

• Societies operating jointly with DYNAKROM to offer products or services.
• Third parties that, along with DYNAKROM, use some software or other IT infrastructure that serves as a platform for service delivery.
• Third parties who offer services necessary for DYNAKROM’s operations, as well as those of other public or private educational institutions, or government agencies, where each party may perform under their own laws and bylaws, including, without limitation: data processing companies, marketing material (printed or electronic) mailing companies, parcel service companies, security and transport of valuables companies, information (physical or electronic) safekeeping and protection companies, so that they can assist in attaining the purposes of this  Privacy Notice.
• Professionals, consultants, or external consultants, for the effects of the administration of services and other acts each party may do under the law and its bylaws, as well as for the defense of the interests of any party before any legal controversy that may arise for reason of said operations and services, such as collection agencies or external auditors, legal or accounting firms.


You, as the holder of the information, have the right to access your personal information we hold, and to learn the details of its use, as well as to rectify them in the event they are inaccurate or incomplete, to cancel them when you consider they are not required for any of the ends indicated in this Privacy Notice, when they are being used for purposes not consented to or when the contractual or service relationship has ended, or when you oppose to the their use for specific ends. If you wish to restrict the use or disclosure of your Personal information and/or Sensitive Personal Information, at any point, and at no cost, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition (ARCO) stipulated in the Law, for which you can request a form for the restriction of use and disclosure by contacting:

- Directly at DYNAKROM headquarters, Avenida Industrias 930 pte., Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico.
- Via email: avisoprivacidad@dynakrom.com


You, as holder of the personal information, may exercise your ARCO rights for the use of your personal information, or, you can revoke any consent you may have given to DYNAKROM for the use of your personal information, by sending a request to the following email address: avisoprivacidad@dynakrom.com; such request must include, at least:

a) Name and address, or any other means to answer your request.
b) Documents accrediting identity or, if applicable, legal representation.
c) Clear and accurate description of the personal information for which you request the exercise of your rights, and any other element that may facilitate locating the personal information.

DYNAKROM will notify you via email, through the person in charge of handling confidential information, in no more than fifteen (15) days as of the date your request was received, the determination made, so that, if warranted, it will be effective within fifteen (15) days after giving notice. Regarding request for access to Personal information, DYNAKROM will make the requested Information available via email, prior accreditation of the identity of the requesting party, or their legal representative, as applicable.

The terms above may be enlarged once, and for an equal period, as long as warranted by the circumstances of the case. However, it is important to consider that we cannot address all such requests or end the use immediately, since it is possible that legal obligations require us to continue to use your personal information. Likewise, you must consider that for certain purposes, revoking your consent means we can no longer give you the requested service, or finish your relationship with us.

The access to information obligation will be deemed complied with once your personal information is made available to you in the form of simple copies. DYNAKROM may deny access to personal information, or rectify or cancel, or agree to the opposition to their use, when the assumptions in article 34 of the  “Law” are updated, and must therefore inform you of the decision within the indicated terms 


We reserve the right to make changes in this Privacy Notice at any time. In the event of changes to this Privacy Notice, they will be notified by a visible notice in our Portal: https://www.dynakrom.com/ For your own safety, you should check, at any time, the contents of this Privacy Notice, by sending a request to the following email:


For your convenience, it is possible that our websites include links to sites not belonging to DYNAKROM, our company has not checked the Privacy Policies or Privacy Notices of such websites, and therefore, does not guarantee or will be liable for the content of the links or their use of personal information. We encourage you to carefully read the Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice of each site that may have links from our websites.


DYNAKROM has CCTV in our facilities, you can get images and sounds recorded by the video surveillance cameras, which will be used for your safety and the safety of our visitors, with the following purposes:

• Protecting your physical integrity
• Identification
• Determine the person you want to contact and the department you are visiting
• Monitoring your visit to the company, for security reasons

Images and sounds recorded for security reasons by the CCTV system in our facilities will be used for the purposes stated in this Privacy Notice.


Laws and regulations of other countries may impose different requirements for protecting information in general, and personal information collected via Internet, or any other means. DYNAKROM is located in Mexico, and any issue related to this Notice are governed by the Mexican Law. If you are located in a country other than Mexico, please consider that any information You provide us will be transferred to Mexico and, upon entering this information, You authorize such transfer and accept this Privacy Notice.

You express that the personal information and sensitive personal information under this Privacy Notice have been obtained freely, in an informed, voluntary and unequivocal manner, and that you consent to DYNAKROM using such information in compliance with the Law and this Notice.

This Privacy Notice complies with the requirements stated in the Law (articles 15 and 16).

Fecha de última actualización de este Aviso de Privacidad: 23/04/2021.

Quality Policy

“To ensure the customer sees more value consistently, in accordance with their own benchmarks. To be a quality company, which entails quality from associates, from products, from services, from the equipment, that is in regulatory compliance and gets economic results. Our associates must apply TQC (Total Quality Control) to all activities, both personal and job-related.”

Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental Policy

“To execute all operations in a way that ensures the safety and integrity of our employees, the facilities, the community, and our customers, as well as the protection of the environment. Within the framework of our TQC philosophy, health, safety, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance are as important as production, quality, cost, and ethics. We have a commitment to prevent all injuries, occupational diseases, and incidents affecting safety, health, and the environment.”