Mineral leaching

We manufacture lead nitrate for mineral leaching. This is the process to extract a species of interest, such as gold (Au) and silver (Ag) through chemicals substances that dissolve them.

Benefits of Lead Nitrate for the mineral leaching process in mining:

Lead Nitrate

We can supply lead nitrate quickly and timely to USA, Canada, Central America, Europe, etc.

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Lead nitrate available products

proceso merrill crowe

1 ton superbags

proceso merrill crowe

25 kg bags


  • Formula: Pb(NO3)2
  • Physical description: White crystals
  • CAS No.: 10099-74-8
  • Packaging: Superbag
  • Qty. per package: 1,000 kg


  • Purity: 99% min.
  • Insoluble Materials: 0.20 % max
  • Humidity: 1.0% max.
  • Copper: 20 ppm max
  • Iron: 20 ppm max.

Characteristics and Advantages of the Leaching Process using Cyanide and Lead Nitrate



  • Metals are dissolved in an alkaline cyanide solution.
  • The most commonly used oxidant is air oxygen.
  • Types: Tank leaching and Heap leaching.


  • Stable gold and silver compounds are formed.
  • High-efficiency dissolution of gold and silver.
  • Lower cost compared to other technologies (thiourea, thiosulfate, etc.)
  • Lead nitrate use counteracts the negative effects of sulfides in the system.

Mineral Leaching Process

Reagent diffusion on the mineral surface
Reagent adsorption on the mineral surface
Chemical reactions between minerals and reagents
Separation of reaction products on the mineral surface
Diffusion of soluble products in the solution
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Lead Nitrate Use Best Practices

  • Prepare a lead nitrate solution (4-10%).
  • If possible, use process water low in sulfates and carbonates to prevent lead precipitation.
  • Do not manipulate the product unless you have read and understood all safety precautions.
  • Always use the indicated PPE.
  • Keep the product under lock, always in compliance with storage conditions.
  • Eliminate the contents and/or containers in compliance with the regulations for hazardous wastes, containers, and residues.

Frequent Questions

What are the final products of this process?
A Gold (Au) and Silver (Au) pregnant solution is obtained.
During which leaching process stage is lead nitrate used?
This compound is used when cyanided is added, or during the pre-treatment stage.
Where do you ship this product?
Our plant is located in Mexico, and we ship it to all the world. We have customers in USA, Canada, Central and South America.

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