What should I know when using lead nitrate in mining?

Staff Dynakrom
Staff Dynakrom
What should I know when using lead nitrate in mining?

Lead nitrate in the Merrill Crowe process increases the efficiency of precious metal recovery and is therefore widely used in mining.

Likewise, the mineral leaching process increases the gold dissolution speed during cyanidation, preventing the mineral passivation.

Learn everything you must take into account when using lead nitrate in mining applications.

Lead Nitrate Concentration for Use

Indicated percentages of use are:

  • Lead nitrate percentages in Merrill Crowe: The most effective lead nitrate addition has been reported to be 1:5 to 1:10 (Pb:Zn).
  • Lead nitrate percentages in leaching: References for addition are 50-500 ppm.

Lead Nitrate Incompatibility

Avoid contact with:

  • Acids
  • Reducing Agents
  • Fuels

When lead nitrate is mixes with these products, NOx fumes are produced, which are toxic on inhalation.


The following PPE must be used:

  • Dust mask: For respiratory protection, harmful when inhaled.

  • Latex gloves: Avoid contact with the dust, which is water-soluble and sweat on hands can dissolve it.

  • Safety goggles: Avoid eye contact, lead nitrate can cause irritation.

  • Work clothes: Wear industrial boots and protection clothes when working on this type of environment.

Lead Nitrate Storage Conditions

Keep lock and away from:

  • Sources of humidity and heat
  • Incompatible substances
  • Food


Lead nitrate is an essential additive that promotes gold and silver leaching. Contact us for more information or questions about your process or application.

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