Lead nitrate transport and storage

Staff Dynakrom
Staff Dynakrom
Lead nitrate transport and storage

Lead nitrate is widely employed in mining because of its role as a catalyst in leaching sulfide ores.

Learn about handling and labeling safety precautions during transportation.



The following should be taken into account when arranging the product for shipment:

  • Packaging choices: 25 kg plastic buckets, 25 kg bags or 1 ton supersacks.

  • If plastic bucket or bag: Consider maximum stowage and review how many pallets can be stacked in the shipment, since plastic pallets must be carefully stacked to prevent collapse.

  • Maximum safe shipping capacity:

  • Pallets: Maximum 3 12 pallet layers totaling 900 kg per pallet without stacking anything else on top.

  • Bags: Two 1000 kg pallets stacked with up to 20 tons per container.

  • Supersacks: Up to 2 supersacks stacked. 

Precautions when loading lead nitrate on trucks

When loading the product in the truck, we suggest the following precautions:

  • The container must be tightly closed and secured with air bags to prevent damage.

  • Truck loaded with pallets on the ground.

  • Spread the load based on the equipment and weight.

  • Be careful with symmetry between pallets, two pallets with a smaller quantity are recommended in order to achieve an even load.


Precautions during shipment

Once closed, containers may not be opened until they reach their destination.

Precautions at landing

Upon arrival at the landing site:

  • Open the valve to release air from the air bags which shield the containers before lowering them.

  • Lower the pallets with a skid, ramp or forklift.


Lead nitrate storage conditions 

Store under lock and key and away from:

  • Heat sources
  • Moisture sources
  • Incompatible substances
  • Food

Lead nitrate is an essential additive to promote gold and silver leaching. For any further questions please contact us for reviewing your process or request.

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