Handling and safety precautions for lead nitrate

Staff Dynakrom
Staff Dynakrom
Handling and safety precautions for lead nitrate

Lead nitrate is a widely used mining additive for its ability to promote Au and Ag leaching of ores.

Learn more about how to use it below.

Personal protective equipment is required when handling

Staff must be equipped with PPE as follows:

  • Dust mask: For breathing protection as inhalation is harmful.

  • Latex gloves: To avoid exposure to the powder, which is soluble in water and can be dissolved by hand perspiration.

  • Safety goggles: Prevent eye exposure as lead nitrate can cause irritation.

  • Occupational attire: Wear industrial shoes and appropriate safety clothing when working in such environments.

Safety precautions when working with lead nitrate

The following precautions should be taken during handling:

  • Do not handle before reading and understanding all safety precautions.

  • Always wear the appropriate protective equipment.
  • Pregnant women must not be exposed to this product.

  • Avoid all direct exposure to the product and do not breathe dust / fumes / gases / mists / vapors / aerosols.
  • Rinse eyes thoroughly with water for several minutes after eye contact. Remove contact lenses when present and easily done. Continue washing.
  • If exposure is suspected or known, call a poison control center or a doctor immediately.
  • Lock the product away, always observing storage conditions.
  • Discard contents and/or container as per hazardous waste or packaging and packaging waste regulations, respectively.

Lead nitrate non-compatibility

As an oxidizer, avoid contact with:

  • Reducing agents
  • Acids
  • Fuels

When mixed with these agents, NOx vapors and fumes which are toxic if inhaled by staff are released.

Lead nitrate labeling

Domestic bucket 

  • Lead Nitrate GHS Label
  • Dynakrom ID (product name, batch number, etc.)


  • Client
  • Ship-to address
  • Shipment amount and buckets

Supersacks and sachets

  • According to customer requirements.
  • 6 types of labels are included for export.


  • Labeling on all 4 sides of the container.
  • 6 types of labels are included for export.

Lead nitrate is an essential additive to promote gold and silver leaching. For any further questions please contact us for reviewing your process or request.

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