Lead Nitrate

Lead nitrate it is a white Crystal, is a very stable and strong oxidizer. Unlike other lead salts, it is soluble in water.

Primary Use

One of the main uses for this product is Merryl Crowe process, it helps to increase the efficiency of gold mining extraction.

Ideal in Gold Extraction

During one of the stages of the process, Zinc powder is added to the cyanide solution to solidify (precipitate) gold. At this stage also lead nitrate is added to “activate” the zinc in order to act as an auxiliary to speed gold precipitation reaction.

Product Specifications & Characteristics


» Formula: Pb(NO3)2
» Physical Description: White crystals
» Number of CAS: 10099-74-8
» Packaging Type: Super bag
» Quantity Per-Package: 1,000K


» Assay: 99% min
» Insoluble matter: 0.05% max
» Water content: 1.0% max
» Copper: 10 ppm max.
» Iron: 20 ppm max.
» Chlorides: 0.004% max.